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  • Radon, what do you know about it?

    Take the Radon Test to see how much you know about radon. 1. What is the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers? a. Secondhand smoke b. Radon gas c. Industrial pollution d. All of the above 2. Where are you most likely to be exposed to radon? a. At home b. At work c.…

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  • Stopping Drafts in Your Home

    cat door

    Is your cat watching the warm air in your home leak out around the front door?  This infrared photo shows air leakage around the front door of my home. Does this look like your house? You don’t need an infrared camera to check to see if you have air leaking around your doors and windows. …

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  • Smoke Alarms Help Save Lives

    Guest Blogger……Morgan Barnett, Master of Public Health Degree Candidate at The University of Georgia None of us want to think that something terrible like what happened just this month, in Georgia, could happen to us or our loved ones. A fire engulfed the duplex of a family sleeping inside and four children lost their lives,…

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  • January is Radon Action Month

    radon proclamation: Jan-7-2013

    Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States and number one cause among non-smokers.  You may think this is just a problem in the north or for homes with basements.  Not true!  Radon kills about 21,000 people each year, more than drunk driving.  One in fifteen homes in the U.S.…

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  • Montana: Protecting the Beauty Here and Elsewhere

    Over the holidays I was admiring the photos in the Montana Outdoors magazine. All of the photos are amazingly beautiful. There are photos of elk and foxes at play, birds in flight, fish swimming, wildflowers in bloom and reflections of nature throughout Montana. The one photo that really stuck out to me was the centerfold…

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  • The Gift of Water – A Rain Barrel

    Drought is a word being tossed about in the media far too often these days. This year we saw corn withering in the fields, giant cracks in the soil and lakes 12 to 15 feet below pool.  We are definitely experiencing a rainfall deficit. Here in Athens we just got nearly 2 inches of rain.…

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  • A news story earlier this week served as a reminder about the dangers of Carbon Monoxide (CO).  An Atlanta school was evacuated when several students and adults became ill from exposure to high levels of CO.  Thankfully, everyone seems to be okay, but the school remains closed while officials work to resolve the problem. I…

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  • How many of you remember getting “BIG MONEY” during the holidays from a favorite aunt or uncle or maybe your Godparent.  I remember one particular Christmas, I had been sick with a very sore throat.  My uncle was visiting and the family was sitting in the kitchen.  I walked into the kitchen all wrapped up…

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  • Holiday Gifts for Children


    I am posting this for my colleague Sharon.  This is the first in a series of 3 postings on gifting and children. Today as I was driving back from Thanksgiving with family I started to think about why some people seem to be very generous with their time, talent and resources while others are not. …

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  • Green Gift Giving Ideas

    antler artwork

    Is your house like mine and filled with stuff?  Lately I have been cleaning and trying to downsize.  I am finding things that I no longer use, but they are still in good condition and could be useful to someone else. Yes, I know I can donate things, but what about passing them along to…

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  • I am writing this blog posting on my birthday, so I will take this opportunity to wish myself a happy birthday.   : ) Now on to the topic. I have been looking forward to sharing what I learned at an energy workshop I recently attended in Montana.   It was great!  Colleagues in Cooperative Extension from…

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  • Westcott house dining room

    Last week I had the opportunity to visit the Westcott House in Springfield, Ohio.   It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and like most of his designs it has several elements that blend with nature.  It was interesting to see that there were several energy saving features in the design.  Most of the windows had…

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  • Living Greener here in the U.S.

    We have been back from Australia for a little over a month now and time has flown by.  It is well past time for a new blog posting.   Our goal is to add something new about living greener at least once a month. There are several things we can all do to live a bit…

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  • Musings about Our Trip Down Under


    As we left Australia I found myself looking down on the Sydney harbor and recalling all of the interesting things we learned and the wonderful people we met. I learned that my image of the country did not match reality.  Australia was more impressive than I imagined.  I especially enjoyed the temperate climate that gave…

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  • St Johns community garden sign

    Lenah Links brings together community members from Lenah Valley, New Town and the surrounding communities to share their ideas on sustainability, transportation, local food production, and community dialog. The community members say the most important part of Lenah Links is that people are getting to know their neighbors. Lenah Links is a subgroup of Lenah Valley Community Association. The community…

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  • Chicken Barons

    cohousing chicken barons

    At the Hobart cohousing development there were designated “chicken barons.” What this means is that a single family was in charge of taking care of the chickens – everything from feeding them to gathering the eggs. Residents are encouraged to bring vegetable matter to feed to the chickens, and the chicken barons then sell the…

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  • Co-Housing and Community Gardens

    Map of Australia

    Cohousing and ecovillages are one of the ways Australia is addressing the housing crisis. Issues such as affordability, ecological impact of new (and existing) housing developments and creating communities that embrace the human need for connecting with whom we live with and nearby are important elements of sustainability. Cohousing and ecovillages embrace the small home movement, and encourage homes that…

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  • Trash Screens

    Melbourne river trash

    Lest we think Australia is free from trash and debris, take a look at this photo of a screen on the river in Melbourne which is designed to catch trash. Like many large cities, they have trash on the streets too, especially cigarette butts. I am not certain that smoking is higher in Australia than…

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  • Hobart Community Garden

    Hobart community garden

    We visited so many spectacular spaces throughout our trip, and this Community Garden in Hobart, Tasmania was certainly one of them.

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  • Tasmanian Honey Farm

    Tasmanian honey farm

    While in Tasmania, we visited a honey-making family from Huan Valley, outside of Hobart. Their farm is near Huonville and they have a little store called The Honey Pot. The Honey Pot is owned and run by local Huon Valley beekeepers and it has a wonderful range of delicious Tasmanian Honey. The proprietor is the…

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  • Beautiful Australia

    Sydney at dusk

    I just couldn’t resist sharing some of the simply beautiful photos we took while in Australia. Enjoy!

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  • University of Melbourne

    University of Melbourne: Pet watering

    While visiting with four colleagues (Kate Archdeacon, Che Biggs, Jessica Bird, and Kes McCormick) from the University of Melbourne we were able to learn about their efforts to achieve sustainability at the University. Their goal is to develop guiding principals, which will frame the Environmental Policy and outline environmental sustainability strategies for the University – students and faculty. For a…

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  • World’s Smallest Trashcan

    Holding smallest trash

    What happens when you produce such little waste that the majority of what you no longer need is recyclable or compostable? This trashcan: This is the trash can employees at the University of Melbourne have for all things that are not recyclable or compostable. Now that’s something to be proud of!

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  • What Does Your Loo Say About You?

    Sign of Loo

    Take a look at this great campaign aimed at conserving wild habitats and saving trees. The loo! It’s one more place we can use recycled materials and help to cut down on new waste.

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  • Can I Recycle That?

    Earth911 sign

    You probably can! I recently discovered this great article outlining “10 Things You Never Knew Were Recyclable” on, and there are some great options listed: -Crayons -Keys And, yes -Hair! How else do you think they clean up dangerous oil spills? And it’s great for composting! Give it a read for a few inspired…

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  • A Bit of Home in Melbourne

    Melbourne us export krispy kreme

    I guess the Aussies like Krispy Kreme too! But we could’ve guessed that… It’s a good thing doughnuts are the same upside down or rightside up!

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  • Zero-Waste Restaurant

    food on dinner plate

    Silo by Joost , 123 Hardware Street, Melbourne 3000, is the permanent project of Joost Bakker, eco-entrepreneur, who is a champion for sustainable design and local sourcing of food and foraging movement. This restaurant does not just talk about “zero waste” they are ‘zero waste”. We were lead to Silo, by Kate Archdeacon project director for VEIL (Victorian Eco…

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  • Biophilic Design

    Biophilic Design suggests that suggests that there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems. We heard much at the Healthy Building Conference about the need to rethink our living spaces – beyond community gardens, bike paths, and public transport – though each idea is important it is about an holistic approach…

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  • Brisbane Farmers Market

    Farmers Market Farmer and his Mum

    We had an amazing time at the Farmers Market in Brisbane last week and I just have to share a pic and some videos that I took while visiting. This friendly farmer took a moment out of the day to pose for a pic with his mum. [youtube] The Brisbane Farmers Market in all it’s…

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  • Bicycles in Brisbane

    “CityCycle is an initiative of the Brisbane City Council to introduce a new form of environmentally friendly personal transport similar in style to European bike hire systems like Vélib’ in Paris and Sevici in Seville. Within 3 km of the city centre 2000 bicycles will be available to pick up and drop off at any of the…

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  • St. Kilda’s Community Garden

    Melbourne St Kilda garden

    St. Kilda’s “Veg Out” Community Garden is built on the site of the old St. Kilda Bowling Club in the Port Phillip Council area. The facilities are also home to artist studios, rented on a month to month basis, with garden plots are rented for a $100 annually. The site is overseen by the Local…

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  • Northey Street Permaculture Garden

    Northey Street City Farm is a non-profit community organisation situated on the banks of Brisbane’s Breakfast Creek in Windsor. More than 1500 exotic and native fruit trees, bushtucker plants, shrubs and ground covers have been planted on the four hectare farm site since its inception in April 1994. The farm has been developed for people…

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  • Wildlife Rescue

    rescue koala

    The Wildlife Rescue in Brisbane was such a neat place and a really unique experience. There were owls too! Check out the pics:

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  • The Confused Curlew

    bird: curlew

    Pamela shares a story with us today from a young woman she met in Port Douglas, Queensland: [She] “shared tales about the Curlew, a bird with a call that sound like a woman screaming. In the [country’s] early years…explorers thought someone was in danger. [She] relayed a story about a Curlew bird at the wildlife…

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  • Healthy Buildings 2012 Presenters

    healthy buildings 2012 presenters

    We were thrilled to present at Healthy Buildings 2012 in Brisbane! A big thanks to our fellow presenters- We hope to see you all again at next year’s conference!

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  • Ecovillage at Currumbin – Part 2

    ecovillage toy storage

    The community that resides in the Ecovillage at Currumbin has already developed some traditions of their own- One such tradition applies to new life in the community: When a baby is born the community pulls together in support and brings dinner for the new family every night. This beautiful practice exemplifies the support and connectivity that…

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  • Where is UGA GreenWay Today?

    map of Australia

    Follow us around Australia by taking a peek at this map: First we flew into Brisbane, Queensland for the Healthy Buildings 2012 conference, which was fantastic. Also in Brisbane we visited a wonderful Permaculture Farm where growth is encouraged in all things. Then we traveled to Currumbin, Queensland to experience the wonder of a sustainable…

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  • Ecovillage at Currumbin – Part 1

    ecovillage kangaroo and joey

    Last Friday, we wandered around the Ecovillage at Currumbin, which is located in a rural area on the Gold Coast, Queensland, just south of Brisbane. This community is made up of around 150 homes on 110 hectares of reclaimed farmland, laid out around a village center that includes community facilities, home offices and retail space.…

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  • China Works Towards Renewable Energy

    According to a new report released by the Worldwatch Institute, China is aiming to obtain 15% of its energy from renewables by 2020- And it is headed in the right direction. The financial investments are vast- “More than $50 billion was invested in renewable energy worldwide in 2006, and China is expected to invest over…

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  • TravelSmart!

    The City of Gosnells, located in western Australia, uses TravelSmart to become healthier in their travel choices and reduce the impact on the environment. TravelSmart is “a successful Western Australian community-based program that encourages people to use alternatives to traveling in their private car.” When we educate people about other forms of transportation, we give people options…

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  • Underkastelsen – Submission

    On the 10th we watched a very powerful documentary titled Underkastesen (Submission). It was disturbing, to say the least. The amount of chemicals in our environment is overwhelming and, the truth is, they aren’t safe. Watch the trailer for a taste of what the documentary is all about- A short description: “Manmade chemicals are everywhere…

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  • Pam turns the light off

    The hotel where we are staying is very interesting! Single beds, low to the ground and a compact shower. I do think folks in the US could look at using one idea that this hotel employs: liquid toiletry dispensers! Not constantly giving out little bottles of shampoo, conditioner, lotion and such would save a lot…

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  • Change

    Climate change

    The World Meteorological Organization recently printed a great article from Andrew C. Revkin titled The New Communications Climate. Revkin explores the ways that communication has changed, sped up and diversified and encourages everyone to utilize these outlets to get in touch, and talk about what’s going on- Specifically, the weather. “Already, a rural farmer in…

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  • A Letter to Tomorrow’s Child

    Dear Child, Today, I make a promise to you. I do not want to leave a world without summer – a world without fall – a world without winter – or spring. I want you to remember playing under the camellias and eating spring onions and summer tomatoes from your parents’ garden. I want you…

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  • Cleared for Takeoff!


    Australia is just days away for the UGA GreenWay staff and we couldn’t be more excited! Follow us here as we fly across the ocean and land in the outback to speak on green living and learn from the people there. See you soon!

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