Lenah Links brings together community members from Lenah Valley, New Town and the surrounding communities to share their ideas on sustainability, transportation, local food production, and community dialog. The community members say the most important part of Lenah Links is that people are getting to know their neighbors. Lenah Links is a subgroup of Lenah Valley Community Association.

The community garden was once an apple orchard and lovely yard of the Anglican rectory. In the past many of the older homes had large yards with chicken pens, vegetable gardens and room for children to play. Many of these larger urban green spaces have been overtaken by building projects. The Lenah Community group came together and worked with St John’s to decide upon an agreement that gave a long lease to the community group; Now the St. John’s Community Orchard has been saved and the community has an active community garden. The community members get together to work the garden and share community time – from firing up the brick oven to making bread and pizza to playing games and planting new fruit trees, there is always a fun activity afoot in the community garden. This project is helping to build a strong sense of belonging for those who work in the garden.

The community has regular monthly events such as music in the garden and classes taught to the local school children. The local high school also has plots in the garden where they grow vegetables for their school cafe. A group from St. Johns Anglican Church grows flowers for the church’s use.

It is a beautiful space being used well by the community there. Where in your community could you see a project like this grow and thrive?

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