Why go green?

  • Reduce the use of natural resources to serve the future generations of people on the planet.
  • Reduce household chemicals and contaminants to create a healthier home environment.
  • Make your own green cleaning products and save money.
  • Buy less and recycle to reduce waste on the planet.
  • Set a good example for the younger generations.

Ready to start going green?

Your choice to live greener is the catalyst to building a greener neighborhood. Everyone benefits from the action that makes a positive impact on the environment. Here are some ways to get started.

  1. Learn What You Can Do
  2. Organize a Community Recycling Event
  3. Use the Household Emissions Calculator to see your emissions then hold a neighborhood competition to see who can reduce their personal greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. Use EPA Smart Strategies
  5. Take a global view – Join Billion Tree Campaign

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