• Montana's land

    I recently visited Montana where over 86,000 acres have burned or are on fire. This year in the United States, about 7.2 million acres have been impacted by wildfires. That’s an area about five times the size of Delaware. It’s easy to see that the smoke from the fires in Montana, Canada, and surrounding states…

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  • pick up trash

    I just finished watching Bill Moyers’s interview of Biologist, mother and activist Sandra Steingraber. This made me stop and think about how I approach my life as an activist, my life as an educator, my life as a Change Agent. in the video Ms. Steingraber discussed how we all have a different set of skills…

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  • St Johns community garden sign

    Lenah Links brings together community members from Lenah Valley, New Town and the surrounding communities to share their ideas on sustainability, transportation, local food production, and community dialog. The community members say the most important part of Lenah Links is that people are getting to know their neighbors. Lenah Links is a subgroup of Lenah Valley Community Association. The community…

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  • Sydney at dusk

    I just couldn’t resist sharing some of the simply beautiful photos we took while in Australia. Enjoy!

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  • Biophilic Design suggests that suggests that there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems. We heard much at the Healthy Building Conference about the need to rethink our living spaces – beyond community gardens, bike paths, and public transport – though each idea is important it is about an holistic approach…

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  • bird: curlew

    Pamela shares a story with us today from a young woman she met in Port Douglas, Queensland: [She] “shared tales about the Curlew, a bird with a call that sound like a woman screaming. In the [country’s] early years…explorers thought someone was in danger. [She] relayed a story about a Curlew bird at the wildlife…

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  • Change

    Climate change

    The World Meteorological Organization recently printed a great article from Andrew C. Revkin titled The New Communications Climate. Revkin explores the ways that communication has changed, sped up and diversified and encourages everyone to utilize these outlets to get in touch, and talk about what’s going on- Specifically, the weather. “Already, a rural farmer in…

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