I just finished watching Bill Moyers’s interview of Biologist, mother and activist Sandra Steingraber. This made me stop and think about how I approach my life as an activist, my life as an educator, my life as a Change Agent. in the video Ms. Steingraber discussed how we all have a different set of skills and talents to the efforts to address climate change. Listening to her I began to value my own talents, which I have often considered in comparison to the talents and skills of others and i. Doing so I felt what i had to offer was of less value. I am a networker, a collaborator, and a poser of the question, “what if we tried …..”

On Bill Moyers website you can listen to the full interview and take Ms. Steingraber’s quizz on what kind of activist are you and maybe begin to value your own gifts and see the value in the skills of others.








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