The World Meteorological Organization recently printed a great article from Andrew C. Revkin titled The New Communications Climate. Revkin explores the ways that communication has changed, sped up and diversified and encourages everyone to utilize these outlets to get in touch, and talk about what’s going on- Specifically, the weather.

“Already, a rural farmer in Kenya can get her maize price by phone even when she lacks a light bulb or toilet,” Revkin notes-“Imagine when she can also get longer-term precipitation forecasts to help decide which crops to plant.” With apps that tell us local weather and notify us of impending storms, but also a wider presence of “amateur” reporters appearing on our social media feeds every day, it certainly does appear that technology is changing things.

What are your concerns about climate change and communication?

What do you think you can do as an individuals to influence these changes, with the power of technology and with your own hands?

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