• How many of you remember getting “BIG MONEY” during the holidays from a favorite aunt or uncle or maybe your Godparent.  I remember one particular Christmas, I had been sick with a very sore throat.  My uncle was visiting and the family was sitting in the kitchen.  I walked into the kitchen all wrapped up…

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  • Map of Australia

    Cohousing and ecovillages are one of the ways Australia is addressing the housing crisis. Issues such as affordability, ecological impact of new (and existing) housing developments and creating communities that embrace the human need for connecting with whom we live with and nearby are important elements of sustainability. Cohousing and ecovillages embrace the small home movement, and encourage homes that…

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  • Hobart community garden

    We visited so many spectacular spaces throughout our trip, and this Community Garden in Hobart, Tasmania was certainly one of them.

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  • healthy buildings 2012 presenters

    We were thrilled to present at Healthy Buildings 2012 in Brisbane! A big thanks to our fellow presenters- We hope to see you all again at next year’s conference!

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  • Change

    Climate change

    The World Meteorological Organization recently printed a great article from Andrew C. Revkin titled The New Communications Climate. Revkin explores the ways that communication has changed, sped up and diversified and encourages everyone to utilize these outlets to get in touch, and talk about what’s going on- Specifically, the weather. “Already, a rural farmer in…

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