Biophilic Design suggests that suggests that there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems. We heard much at the Healthy Building Conference about the need to rethink our living spaces – beyond community gardens, bike paths, and public transport – though each idea is important it is about an holistic approach to living as we are a part of the system not just the driver. This video gives a beautiful view of what can be achieved.

Read more about Biophilic Urbanism in Tim Beatley’s article posted in the William and Mary Environmental Law and Policy Review.

Question for today: What do we want for tomorrow? What do we want our country to be like? Certainly not one of poverty, lagging behind the rest of the world- We need to look at what is happening in places like Singapore, China and India. No, they are not perfect but they are investing is a new world – a world of alternative energy and education.

What do we want our tomorrow to be?

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