While in Tasmania, we visited a honey-making family from Huan Valley, outside of Hobart. Their farm is near Huonville and they have a little store called The Honey Pot.

The Honey Pot is owned and run by local Huon Valley beekeepers and it has a wonderful range of delicious Tasmanian Honey. The proprietor is the wife do the beekeeper and the mother of the beekeeper’s assistant, their daughter. You travel along the Huon Valley High way, and just before you reach Huonville, on the south side of the road, is a small nursery and the honey tasting center and shop. The Honey Pot has a great range of honey products and gifts, such as skin care products, beeswax candles, and healthy honey sweets.

In store you will find premium honey varieties such as the famous Tasmanian Leatherwood honey, and also Manuka honey from Bruny Island.

The Tasmanian Bee Keepers Association works collaboratively to educate the populous on the importance of bees and bee keeping.

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