St. Kilda’s “Veg Out” Community Garden is built on the site of the old St. Kilda Bowling Club in the Port Phillip Council area. The facilities are also home to artist studios, rented on a month to month basis, with garden plots are rented for a $100 annually.

The site is overseen by the Local environment office and the EcoCentre coordinator, who works with the local garden committees. The design features pathways based on a compass rose with the water taps at the center. There are garden plots maintained by the members and a common green for community gatherings.

The garden has a very eclectic feel, which is tranquile touched off with repurposed fancy. St. Kilda’s is open to the public, but you are asked to respect the private property (vegetables, chickens and budgies). Garden plots are so popular here, they’re absolutely snapped up when available!

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