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The Peach Press is the official publication for GAE4-HYDP and is published by the Media Committee. The Journal of Extension published by Extension Journal Inc., Madison, Wisconsin is an official sanctioned referred periodical of GAE4-HYDP. The Journal of Youth Development is an open-access refereed publication that seeks to bridge the gap between research and practice in the youth development profession. The Journal of Youth Development was started by members of the National Association of 4-H Extension Agents.  GAE4-HYDP reserves the right to affiliate and partner with other juried journals.

Read past editions of The Peach Press below!

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Submission Information

The Media Committee works to publish four editions of the Peach Press each year. These editions are the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Post Conference.

Fall Deadline: September 15; Fall Release: October 1

Winter Deadline: December 1; Winter Release: December 15

Spring Deadline: March 15; Spring Release: First Day of Annual Meeting

Post Conference Deadline: May 19; Post Conference Release: June 9

*Post Conference Edition Deadlines and Release Dates will vary based on Annual Meeting dates.*

Please use the button below to submit for the next edition! If you have any questions or would like to submit via email, contact Megan Powell at

Newsletter Sections

  • Feature Article: a 2-3 paragraph story about successful programming, community service projects, marketing efforts, volunteer recruitment, etc. 
  • Professional Development: external professional development opportunities including trainings, conferences, seminars, and online programs
  • Ideas at Work: different ideas about a specific topic are highlighted using 1-2 sentences or short paragraphs (past topics included camp promotion, summer programs, recruitment, etc.) Please check the Qualtrics submission survey for the current edition’s theme.
  • Curriculum Corner: lesson plans and curricula with information on where to locate these resources
  • Caring & Sharing: any important life announcements including marriages, births, deaths, exciting accomplishments, etc.
  • Getting to Know You: a more personal section with themed photos from our members (past themes included pets, travel, hobbies, etc.) Please check the Qualtrics submission survey for the current edition’s theme.
  • Meet the Member: one member featured per district (NE, NW, SE, SW, SS) with a picture and questionnaire to get to know them better