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William H. Booth Award

Each year in conjunction with the Georgia Electric Membership Corpor­ation (EMC), GEA4-HA presents the William H. Booth Award. The award recognizes outstanding Georgia extension agents working in the 4-H program. It is an honor acknowledging both peer recognition and career achievement.

William (Bill) Booth was a rural electric pioneer who was a charter member of the board of directors and general manager of Jackson EMC in Jefferson, Ga. It was Booth who first suggested that Georgia’s 41 EMCs take a hand in sponsoring statewide 4-H and youth events. Each district elects one GAE4-HA member with 7+ years experience to be the district nominee.  Nominees complete a rigorous application and interview process, and the state winner is named each year at State 4-H Congress in July.  GAE4-HA established guidelines for awarding the William H. Booth Award on an annual basis.

GAE4-HA established the following guidelines for awarding the William H. Booth award on an annual basis: William H. Booth Award Guidelines.

Past Winners Include

Year Name
1979 Gene Anderson
1980 Pat Barkuloo
1981 Patt Bell
1982 Jeanette Brooks
1983 Irene DuBose
1984 Barbara Carter
1985 Dawn Perry
1986 Doris Belcher
1987 Mary H. White
1988 Beth Epling
1989 Emma Thornton
1990 Diane Moore
1991 Marilyn Poole
1992 Lorraine Payne
1993 Helen Barrett
1994 Rachel Guthrie
1995 Ginny Atkins
1996 Sally Black
1997 Susan Branan
1998 Clyde Taylor
1999 Connie Page
2000 Kathy Baldwin
2001 Diane Sumner
2002 Teresa Harvey
2003 Phil Torrance
2004 Judy Ashley
2005 Jule-Lynne Macie
2006 Lynn Youngblood
2007 Sandra McKinney
2008 Melinda Miller
2009 Rebecca Thomas
2010 Jennifer Grogan
2011 Ann Wildes
2012 Deron Rehberg
2013 Zona Medley
2014 Shirley Williamson
2015 Dorothea Graham
2016 Cherry Hovatter
2017 Stephanie Myers
2018 Kate Whiting
2019 Brandi McGonagill
2020 Cheryl Poppell