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Standing Committees

GAE4-HYDP has nine standing committees. You may choose your committee assignment during the membership drive.

DiversityThe purpose of the GAE4-HYDP Diversity Committee is to promote diversity of youth, volunteers, staff
members, and programs throughout Georgia 4-H.
MediaThe purpose of the GAE4-HA Media Committee is to publish the Peach Press throughout the year.
Membership RecognitionThe purpose of the GAE4-HYDP Member Recognition Committee is to coordinate the promotion,
acceptance, review, and awarding of recognition to GAE4-HYDP members. This includes the NAE4-HYDP
awards, GAE4-HYDP awards, and the William H. Booth Award. Each district (with the exception of the
Life Member district) will have one person serving as a district representative on this committee.
Oceans of FunThe purpose of the GAE4-HYDP Oceans of Fun Committee is to coordinate the Oceans of Fun event at
the Georgia Association of Educational Leaders (GAEL) Conference each summer.
Policy and ResolutionThe purpose of the GAE4-HYDP Policy & Resolutions Committee is to provide oversight for the
operations of GAE4-HYDP and the Board of Directors. The committee enforces the rules of order and
the proper procedures for the conduct of meetings of deliberative assemblies. The rules contained in
Roberts Rules of Order, newly revised latest edition, shall govern all meetings of the members in all
cases to which they are applicable.
Professional DevelopmentThe purpose of the GAE4-HYDP Professional Development Committee is to promote professional
development opportunities for GAE4-HYDP members.
ProgramsThe purpose of the GAE4-HYDP Programs Committee is to gather and convey 4-H programming
suggestions and/or recommendations to appropriate state specialists and staff.
Public Relations and InformationThe purpose of the GAE4-HYDP Public Relations and Information Committee is to market the Association
to 4-H and other youth development professionals, Extension professionals, and other stakeholders
within Georgia.
Research and EvaluationThe purpose of the GAE4-HYDP Research and Evaluation Committee is to advocate for research and
evaluation work related to 4-H youth development programming and the profession.

For more information about the GAE4-HDYP standing committees, please view our association operating procedures.