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Click here – William H. Booth Award Eligibility Review

2020 Award Information

Each year, GAE4-HA members are eligible to apply for GAE4-HA and NAE4-HYDP awards. The awards process is coordinated by the Member Recognition Committee.  Many GAE4-HA awards have district and/or state winners.  The NAE4-HYDP state award winners will advance to NAE4-HYDP Southern Region judging, with those winners advancing to be judged at the national level.

Official Call for Nominations (click here for details)

All GAE4-HA awards have a separate PDF application that should be completed by a current GAE4-HA member.  Read the GAE4-HA Award Descriptions for more information.

NAE4-HYDP Awards

Read the NAE4-HYDP Award Descriptions for more information.

NAE4-HYDP specialty and communicator awards should also be submitted online using the NAE4-HYDP Awards Submission site.

NAE4-HYDP service awards will be submitted using the forms created by GAE4-HA:

  • Service Award Application for Achievement in Service Award (ASA), Distinguished Service Award (DSA), & Meritorious Service Award (MSA)
  • 25-Year Service Award – must submit name to district representative … no application needed

Award Examples

Below are examples of NAE4-HYDP & GAE4-HA awards applications that recently won at the regional and/or national level.  GAE4-HA has received permission from the lead author to share these applications.  It is our hope that members can use these as guides during the awards application process.  Questions may be directed to the Member Recognition Chair or the lead author of the award application.

GAE4-HA Awards

 NAE4-HYDP Communicator Awards

 NAE4-HYDP Service Awards

 NAE4-HYDP Specialty Awards