Wilcox County Ag

Pecan Herbicide Strip Applications

The only pecan trees in Wilcox County to have budbreak is the little seedlings or saplings growing in the ditch. We are very close though. In any case, it’s time to burn down those herbicide strips in our orchards in preparation for the growing season. There are many combinations of…
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Small Grain Jointing

We almost got behind on sidedressing because of the rain, but we needed the rain. We were trying to decide if we should split our sidedressing or not. In many fields, we had good tillering anyway. In other fields, triticale and oats have “taken off” and UGA Grain Agronomist Dr. Regan…
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Bermudagrass Burndowns

UGA Extension Weed Scientist Dr. Eric Prostko is sharing information concerning a few inquiries on controlling bermudagrass prior to planting various row crops.  An established stand of bermudagrass can be very difficult to manage. When dealing with bermudagrass burndowns, glyphosate rate and time of application are crucial. Here are a few points to consider:…
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Cold Weather & Herbicides

We talk about herbicides and their behavior in warm temperatures, but what about cold? UGA Extesion Weed Scientist Dr. Erik Prostko has this to say: Growers who have sprayed certain POST systemic herbicides (i.e. Roundup, Poast, Select) over the last 15 days are likely to observe slower and/or reduced performance…
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2018 Sprayer Adjustments

Thanks to Jeff Cook, County Agent in Peach/Taylor: With new regulations going into place for the 2018 growing season, now may be a good time to make some adjustments on your pesticide sprayer. Label requirements for the new Dicamba (Engenia, XtendiMax, or Fexapan) or the 2,4-D (Enlist Duo or Enlist…
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