Wilcox County Ag

Replacing Fertilizer in Cotton

The most common question after these large rain events is have I lost all of my cotton fertilizer, and will I have to start over? UGA Extension Soil Scientist Dr. Glen Harris has provided some information on this topic: May planted cotton could have lost some pre-plant Nitrogen and Sulfur. What should…
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Beans Blooming: What Insects to Scout?

Our oldest beans in the county are blooming and we discussed insects we need to scout and potential nutrients. Lima Bean & Snap Beans Lima and snap beans are pretty much the same with insects at bloom. We just scout for caterpillars, stink bugs and thrips. For thrips, check blooms now. If…
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Mouse Ear in Pecans

These are first year pecans planted here in the county that are showing severe symptoms of nickel (Ni) deficiency, called ‘Mouse Ear.’ Mouse ear mostly occurs on very young trees. I first looked at this at a nursery in Thomas County. Once the leaves come out, the symptoms are easier to diagnose….
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Pecan Budbreak: Time for Nitrogen

We’ve officially hit budbreak this week in our pecans. This is the same 4-year-old Ellis pecans where we had the pruning clinic. This is the time we start our first fertilizer applications. Managing nitrogen in pecans is meeting to demand periods 1)early foliage growth and 2) kernel filling. N in…
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Sidedressing Small Grain

We’ve been talking about herbicides in small grain, but now is time to sidedress. The most N our small grain needs 130 lbs, but 100 will do in most cases. We do not put all N out in the fall because we do not want plants to grow too much…
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