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Grain Sorghum

  • From Rome Ethredge: Irrigating Wheat and other Small grains We know that small grains yield better with a dry sunny spring but we can benefit from irrigation at times, especially during grain fill. Dr. Wes Porter, UGA, says he normally recommends ET replacement on small grains and this time of year we are at or […]

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  • We have a good bit of grain sorghum in the county and some is starting to head and the rest has already flowered and moving to dough stage in the grain. This sorghum was planted after watermelons and looking great. These are 15 inch rows with two different plantings because of rain. It’s starting to head […]

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  • Each year, UGA Extension Entomologist Dr. Michael Toews updates us on our stored grain protectants as we get close to harvesting grain. Here is the most recent news: Empty Bin Treatments Centynal EC – This is a good product for treating empty bins and elevator boots.  Note that the active ingredient in Centynal EC, Defense […]

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