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Beans Blooming: What Insects to Scout?

Our oldest beans in the county are blooming and we discussed insects we need to scout and potential nutrients. Lima Bean & Snap Beans Lima and snap beans are pretty much the same with insects at bloom. We just scout for caterpillars, stink bugs and thrips. For thrips, check blooms now. If…
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Thrips in Melons and Beans

Were seeing lots of thrips in the field this week and good questions about management. Our watermelons and beans have been a little slow growing with our night temperatures in the 40s and 50s. Here’s a look at some questions from watermelons and beans this week. Watermelons Hearing about thrips…
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Beans Emerging with Thrips and Aphids

These are Southern peas and butter beans that have been planted and coming up now. We’re shooting for seed being about 3 inches apart in the drill trying to get 4 plants per foot. We are growing a variety that is small, light-green color and about 70 days to maturity. Thrips…
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