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Wheat Through Dough, Need Sunlight

  Here is one of the newer AGS varieties of wheat that it’s getting really close to harvest. Where in the dough stage right now and we need just a little bit more dry time before we get it out of the field. Of course we don’t need these cloudy…
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Thrips Populations Increase

We got a chance to look at many cotton fields on the west side of the county today. We looked at the oldest field  planted as well as many fields that are just now emerging. And all cotton we are seeing thrips, old and young. A lot of the damage…
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Blueberry Harvest

We think more about blueberries being in southeast Georgia, but Mrs. Elizabeth has a good number of blueberries between Rochelle and FitzGerald that are that are ready for harvest now. About 90% of everything she’s got is ready to be harvested, and these are the highbush blueberries. The biggest issue…
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Fusarium Wilt of Watermelon: Second Phase

This has been a good week for fusarium with not much showing up. This is because our temperatures are increasing. However, UGA Vegetable Pathologist Dr. Bahbesh Dutta the second phase will come at fruit set, and that is where we are now. We are dry and the plants stressed at…
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Planting Peanuts in Dry Soil

We have been planting peanuts and cotton for two weeks now, and it is really getting dry and dusty. Our moisture moving down further below the surface. With cotton we can plant into dry soil and wait for a rain, but peanuts are different. Here is a few situations and…
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Pitch Canker?

I got to look at some pine trees this week in Abbeville. I love being in the shade of pine trees when it is this hot and dry. These are 17-year-old longleaf pine that we are raking pine straw from. The description on the phone sounded like pitch canker, but…
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Beans Blooming: What Insects to Scout?

Our oldest beans in the county are blooming and we discussed insects we need to scout and potential nutrients. Lima Bean & Snap Beans Lima and snap beans are pretty much the same with insects at bloom. We just scout for caterpillars, stink bugs and thrips. For thrips, check blooms now. If…
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Thrips in Melons and Beans

Were seeing lots of thrips in the field this week and good questions about management. Our watermelons and beans have been a little slow growing with our night temperatures in the 40s and 50s. Here’s a look at some questions from watermelons and beans this week. Watermelons Hearing about thrips…
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Corn At V7

With our cool temperatures, growth has slowed us down a lot with our produce and corn. But this week corn is growing with warm days and sunny skies giving us some Heat Units. This corn is right at the V7 growth stage. Much of the yield is determined at V6….
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