Wilcox County Ag

Row Crop Disease Update

This is a really big week for us in the field, not only with planting but with rain and subsequent disease. We are seeing some seedling disease in Wilcox County but definitely less than 3%. Here is a row crop disease update from UGA Extension Pathologist Dr. Bob Kemerait: To…
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Fusarium Wilt of Watermelon: Second Phase

This has been a good week for fusarium with not much showing up. This is because our temperatures are increasing. However, UGA Vegetable Pathologist Dr. Bahbesh Dutta the second phase will come at fruit set, and that is where we are now. We are dry and the plants stressed at…
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Pitch Canker?

I got to look at some pine trees this week in Abbeville. I love being in the shade of pine trees when it is this hot and dry. These are 17-year-old longleaf pine that we are raking pine straw from. The description on the phone sounded like pitch canker, but…
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Watermelon Transplanting

We are starting to plant watermelons this week for most of our crop. Most plants came out this week. We’re finishing laying plastic through most of the week as well. For the melons transplanted a week ago, they are all looking great. Turner County Agent Will Gay, UGA Vegetable Pathologist…
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Disease In Wheat

Our small grain is booting now and starting to see it heading out pretty good in some fields. We don’t have much wheat for grain in Wilcox, but this wheat field in Dooly County was hit hard with powdery mildew on March 1st. Generally we don’t have to treat for powdery…
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