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  • A word from Dr. Kemerait on the warm temperatures we are experiencing, and the use of in-furrow fungicides to combat seedling disease. Rhizoctonia solani is an important pathogen associated with seedling disease in cotton and peanuts.  It is especially severe when soils are cooler and wetter and when seed is planted too deep. It can […]

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  • JULY 19 Peanut: Many of our peanut fields have reached, or are rapidly approaching, 60 days after planting. During this time of the season it is important to protect a peanut crop from white mold and from leaf spot diseases. Currently, rainfall has been abundant in many of our counties. The rainfall is beneficial to […]

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  • Just a few “heads ups” this morning on what I am seeing or hearing about in the the fields now. The picture above was sent to me by Dr. Jared Whitaker and later he brough samples to Jason Brock in Tifton.  Young seedlings wilting and dying soon after emergence with a tell-tale lesion girdling the […]

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  • More Rain Less Harvest

    As we approached November, growers made the comment that this was a season we were ready to put in the books. And then it started raining, and raining and raining. We’ve had a few sunny days since this picture was taken on Nov 19th. This is what Wilcox County looks like from 2 straight weeks […]

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  • Harvesting Soybeans

    We got to start on harvesting soybeans this week a little worried where Florence would go. Generally, we want to harvest soybeans when they are mature since we can lose quality or have issues with weather. The issue here is that the beans usually have too much moisture for safe storage – about 20%. If […]

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  • Here is our Group 3 soybeans planted May 16th in Wilcox County that are blooming now. They have received more rain on the north side of the county, but also growing well with some sunshine this past week. We’re also working with UGA Extension Scientist Dr. George Vellidis on finalizing details of the new soybean irrigation […]

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