Wilcox County Ag

Row Crop Disease Update

Here is our corn in the field. It is silking now and may have less issues than any other crop right now. Sunshine is helping with pollination. Silks come out of the husks over 3 to 5 days. These individual silks continue to grow for about 7 days or until…
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Peanut Weed Control Decisions

It has been raining almost every day since May 12 and Valor damage in peanuts is everywhere. We need to apply POST treatments and cannot get in the field. Here are some thoughts from UGA Extension Weed Scientist Dr. Erik Prostko: 1) Most areas in Georgia have received at least 4″…
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Planting Peanuts in Dry Soil

We have been planting peanuts and cotton for two weeks now, and it is really getting dry and dusty. Our moisture moving down further below the surface. With cotton we can plant into dry soil and wait for a rain, but peanuts are different. Here is a few situations and…
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Thrips Monitoring 2018: April 18th

GA Extension Peanut Entomologist Dr. Mark Abney publishes information on thrips monitoring that he has across the state. This is from this week. It shows the increased activity of thrips, and recommendations for treating. Peanuts are being planted, and tobacco thrips are moving in Georgia. Trap captures increased significantly at…
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Should We Plant Peanuts?

On this day (April 17th) last year, UGA researchers started planting their plots in Tifton. As a matter of fact, many were  planting in GA. Many growers are on ‘go’ now and ready to start, but we’re seeing lots of daily fluctuation in our soil temperature. This is NOT good…
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In-Furrow Peanut Decisions

UGA Extension Pathologist Dr. Bob Kemerait visited us for our Peanut Production Update. He talked about the decisions that we have to make before the furrow closes. Thanks to Turner County Agent Will Gay who put together this information on these decisions concerning Velum Total and Thimet: Velum Total (imidacloprid + fluopyram):…
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