Wilcox County Ag

Strawberries Almost Ready

Our strawberries planted in the county are looking good and soon ready to pick. They are at 123 days today, planted on October 15h. This year, they’ve noticed that the plants seem to be further along than usual. This is good for many reasons. Picking will start in the next…
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Spider Mites in Strawberries

We’ve been fighting the spider mites for the last few weeks in the strawberries. They are reproducing, and this is giving us trouble. This week, we got a better kill though. They were even active after the very cold weather 3 weeks ago. I’m mostly seeing two-spotted spider mites, but…
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Field Crop Update

With produce, the month of December is not always laid back for farmers. Though I think we’ve had a good month since we have gotten some rain. It’s also good to have cold weather in December for a change… We’ve had a few foggy days these last two weeks as…
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