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Strawberries Almost Ready

Our strawberries planted in the county are looking good and soon ready to pick. They are at 123 days today, planted on October 15h. This year, they’ve noticed that the plants seem to be further along than usual. This is good for many reasons. Picking will start in the next week or so and u-pick will be open soon after that.

February 6, 2019 – Strawberries forming

February 6 – Blooms

The covers have been on them some this week and last week. We checked for spider mites last week and found none on the plants. They got a fungicide treatment last week as well to hold back disease with warmer winter. One thing we learned if we are using the Captan Gold 4L formulation, they have a rate for not only broadcast, but banded. All you do is:

Plant Bed Width (in)  X  Broadcast rate per acre = Banded Rate per acre

Row Spacing (in)