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“Cracking” Time Again on Peanuts (Prostko)

Many peanut growers are in the field right now making “cracking” applications of paraquat (whether they really need it or not?).  I always get tons of questions about product use rates.  Check out these pictures from earlier today.  These are rates I have been testing for years and they work pretty much all the time (when applied to small weeds 1″-3″).  Higher rates and later applications, especially in dryland fields, can push a peanut plant’s paraquat tolerance to its limits.   

A few other thoughts:1) If grower wants to use the 3 lb/gal formulation of paraquat (i.e. Helmquat or Gramoxone 3SL), the normal application rate in these tank-mixtures is 8 oz/A (0.1875 lb ai/A).

2) If a grower wants to use Basagran 4SL (bentazon) instead of Storm 4SL (bentazon + acifluorfen), I would suggest using 8 oz/A of Basagran 4SL.

3) If a grower wants to make his own Storm, I would suggest the combination of Ultra Blazer 2SL @ 16 oz/A + Basagran 4SL @ 8 oz/A.

4) I am not a huge fan of using paraquat + Dual Magnum or any other Group 15 herbicide without some Basagran or Storm to cool it down some on the peanut plant.  

5) No adjuvants are needed when Dual Magnum or Outlook are used (i.e. oil-based formulations) but NIS @ 0.25% v/v (1 qt/100 gallons) is suggested when using Anthem Flex, Warrant, or Zidua.