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Jeremy Kichler

  • Colquitt County Ag Update 5-13-22

    Current Situation: Happy Friday the 13th!! Dry conditions have set in over the last couple of weeks. According to the UGA Weather Network, the Moultrie location recorded 1.07 inches of rain over the last 31 days. The last drought monitor was released on May 12, 2022 and shows that Colquitt County is experiencing abnormally dry […]

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  • UGA Cotton Newsletter May 2022

    Articles in this month’s issue include:1. Early Season Growth and Canopy Development (John Snider, Gurpreet Virk, Ved Parkash, andCamp Hand)2. Herbicides and Dusting in Cotton can be a Mighty Challenge! (Stanley Culpepper)3. In-field Planter Considerations (Simer Virk and Wes Porter)4. Weather and Climate Outlook for May 2022 and Beyond (Pam Knox)5. Early Season Irrigation Requirements […]

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  • Current Situation:  This past week growers started planting cotton and peanuts. Presently (May 5, 2022) majority of the area wheat crop is in Feekes 11.1 (milk stage) to Feekes 11.2 (soft dough) stage of development. Corn crop ranges from V2-V7 and growers are side-dressing the corn crop. Cotton: Herbicides and Dusting in Cotton can be a […]

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  • This past spring was my first on the road doing the county production meeting circuit, and it was a busy one. From mid-January to March 10 myself, representatives from the Cotton Commission, and members of the UGA Cotton Team did 49 meetings. In-person meetings are key to the success of the county delivery system, and […]

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  • 2022 Farm Stress Summit

    From healthcare providers and nonprofits to county officials and faith leaders, the 2022 Farm Stress Conference welcomes all who want to further their efforts in combatting farm stress within our communities. The goal of this event is to learn from each other, connect communities with existing resources and establish partnerships across organizations.  Key target audiences for this […]

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  • Thrips are consistent pests of cotton, infesting nearly all cotton acres planted in Georgia each year. Thrips are the only insect pest of cotton that a preventive insecticide is recommended. We consistently observe a positive yield response to at-plant insecticides used for thrips control. A reactive approach based on scouting and use of thresholds is […]

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  • Colquitt County Ag Update 4/24/22

    Current Situation: Cotton and peanut planting has begun in the area. The forecast for the next few days includes highs in the 80’s and lows in the 50’s and 60’s and dryer conditions. The corn crop ranges from V1 to V6 and is growing quickly. Growers are starting to irrigate both corn and wheat. The […]

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  • Apr 21, 2022 | Written by Pam Knox The latest outlook maps for May 2022 and May through July 2022 were released today by NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center. They show that for May, the southern part of our region is the most likely to be warmer than normal, while much of the region could be wetter than normal. […]

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  • Colquitt County Ag Update 4/15/22

    Current Situation:  Corn crop ranges from just planted to V4.  Corn has had a rough time due to the cold weather and wind over the last couple of weeks.  Wheat crop ranges from early heading (Feekes 10.3) to full flowering growth stage. Field conditions are becoming dry enough to apply fertilizer, burndown herbicides as we prepare for […]

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  • Questions of the Week…4/8/22

    The amount of precipitation in Colquitt County over the last seven days is shown below (4-8-22). Due to rainy field conditions, corn planting, land preparation, and burndown herbicide applications have all been paused.  The corn crop is in various stages of development, from newly planted to V3.  The wheat crop ranges from early heading to […]

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