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EPA Petition to Revoke Registrations for Certain Organophosphate Uses 

A NGO group is currently petitioning the US EPA to revoke all food use tolerances for the organophosphate class of chemistry. The petitioners request that the Agency revoke all tolerances and cancel all associated registrations for food uses of the following organophosphate pesticides (OPs): Acephate, Densulide, Chlorethoxyfos, Chlorpyrifos-methyl, Diazinon, Dichlorvos,…
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Questions of the Week… August 13, 2022

Colquitt County Cotton Defoliation and Peanut Harvest Meeting will be held on September 6, 2022 at noon. The meeting will be held at the Colquitt County Extension office in Moultrie. Drs. Camp Hand and Scott Monfort will be the keynote speakers. Cotton: Whitefly has been the topic of discussion again…
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