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2021 Virtual Peanut Production Meeting

The 2021 UGA Virtual Peanut Production Meeting is offered below. This meeting has been broken down into individual presenters and their presentations which are all offered below. Bryan Tucker with the Georgia Peanut Commissions shares an update Dr. Scott Monfort UGA Peanut Agronomist shares new and updated peanut production information…
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Weekly Update… 9/17/2021

Peanuts:  The topic this week has been late spot.  It has been a PERFECT year for leaf spot epidemics, according to Bob Kemerait.  A) we have had lots rain that enhances infection by leaf spot pathogens and spread of leaf spot diseases.   B) wet weather has led to extended…
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Peanut Harvest Equipment Considerations

Sep 10, 2021 | Written by Simerjeet Virk and Scott Monfort Over the next few weeks, peanut harvest will be in full swing across most of the state. Along with proper timing consideration for digging peanuts, proper setup and operation of peanut harvest equipment is also an important consideration to minimize harvest losses and to…
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