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August 2022 NEWSLETTER from the UGA Beef Team Making EPDs Understandable Jason Duggin, Dylan Davis, and Pedro Fontes –  Expected progeny differences (EPD) are essential tools in the beef industry. Thus, it is important to understand their basic usage in beef herds. By utilizing the following key steps, EPDs can be…
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A Basic Approach to Winter Supplementation of the Beef Cow Herd

Dr. Francine Henry – Beef Cattle Nutritionist Winter supplementation of energy and protein are crucial to maximize the herd’s performance. Fall-calving herds are typically near peak lactation this time of the year meaning that cows are at their greatest nutrient requirements. In this article, Dr. Francine Henry discusses important concepts for…
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Free Online Tool to Help Producers Incorporate Artificial Insemination in Beef Herds

Dr. Pedro Fontes – Reproductive Physiologist Several different protocols are currently available to synchronize beef females and producers are often overwhelmed with the complicated terminology and large numbers of protocols. To overcome the challenges associated with the selection of an estrus synchronization protocol, Extension personnel across the U.S. developed different tools…
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