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2020 UGA Cotton Defoliation Recommendations

This year has been a challenging year for cotton defoliation, especially dryland production. Specific rates should be adjusted according to temperature, humidity, day-length, plant leaf condition and maturity, expected weather, and desired effects such as defoliation, regrowth control, boll opening and/or weed control. Defoliants should be applied in a minimum…
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Indoor Air Quality Zoom

“Join us for the UGA Extension Webinar as experts discuss facts and debunk myths about indoor air quality products and recommended resources LIVE via Zoom ( Thursday, October 8 at 10:30 a.m.” Thank you for your time, please call with questions or concerns. Thank You, Jeremy KichlerColquitt County Extension Coordinator229-616-7455
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Colquitt County Cotton Fungicide Demonstrations

Last week I had a couple of questions about applying fungicides to cotton.  Two on farm demonstrations were conducted in Colquitt County last year to evaluated the potential of increasing cotton yield with fungicides.  The demonstrations were replicated and the fungicides where applied by the grower.  The Bay location was harvested with…
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