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2018 UGA Cotton Weed Control Programs

Cotton weed control can be a challenge during the production year.  Below is information on UGA cotton weed control programs for Roundup Ready, Liberty, dicamba and 2,4d technology.  Residual herbicides are the foundation for these herbicide programs regardless of technology. This publication include suggestions for residual herbicides for burndown, pre…
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Rattlesnake Weed

 This time of year I often get questions like this from home owners. Ninety nine percent of the time it is rattlesnake weed or Florida Betony. Florida betony is a “winter” perennial and, like most plants in the mint (Labiatae) family, has a square stem with opposite leaves. Flowers are…
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Tips on using Liberty!!

I have had a few questions about using Liberty in cotton weed control programs.  Growers need to preserve this technology because it will play a key role in weed control programs in the foreseeable future. It is important to use residual herbicides in Liberty based programs and growers should try…
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