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Helminthosporium in Rye

Helminthosporium in Rye Before Christmas Holidays, we looked at a couple of winter rye fields that were having problems with the lower leaves dying on the plants, and the younger leaves exemplifying numerous necrotic spots.  These symptoms were caused by a stressed derived pathogen called Helminthosporium.  This disease is the…
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Fusarium Head Blight in Wheat.

The Colquitt County area has had rain this week and the area wheat crop is around Feekes stage 10 of development.  This has sparked some questions and concerns about fusarium head blight.  Below are some questions that I have been getting about this subject and would like to thank  Dr. Alfredo…
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Current Wheat Situation — February 2015

I have been getting a few questions about wheat production over the last few days. The first set of questions concern weed control.  Area growers need to determine growth stage of their wheat crop in order to select herbicide options.  Below is a figure that shows wheat growth stages and herbicide timing based…
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Weed Control Options in Wheat

This time of year small grain weed control questions are common.  Growers need to be out in their fields looking for several things.  Things to consider include growth stage of the crop at the time of application.  This has an impact on herbicide choice.  Questions like the following can also influence…
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UGA 2015 Peanut Production Budgets and Row Crop Economics

Due to commodity prices, growers are trying to figure out the most profitable mix of commodities to grow on their farm.  Below is a link to the 2015 UGA Peanut Budgets.  The four budgets include dryland and irrigated production cost estimates for conventional and striptill peanuts. 2015 uga peanut budgets…
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