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Colquitt County Extension Ag Update 11/1/22

Last week was another exciting week in agriculture in Colquitt County. The peanut harvest and cotton defoliation is coming to an end. Colquitt County is classified as abnormally dry according to the last drought monitor.  This is great for cotton and peanut harvests, but livestock producers are struggling with planting…
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This time of year I get phone calls, txt messages and office visits from concerned people about stinging nettle or fireweed (Urtica chamaedryoides) and how to control it in area hayfields and pastures. Fireweed leaves look similar to strawberry leaves.  This pest has square stems and small pale green flower…
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Just a Reminder: Forage Conference Starts Next Week!

    Forage production is at the heart of Georgia’s livestock industries. Our diverse forage systems are some of the best in the world. For the fourth straight year, the Georgia Cattlemen’s Annual Convention begins with a focus on forages with the Georgia Forages’ Conference starting off the week’s events. This Conference…
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