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Colquitt County Extension Ag Update 6/13/22

Current Situation:  The cotton crop ranges from just planted to second week of squaring.  Cotton growers are applying herbicides and fertilizer to crop.  Peanut growers are applying cracking sprays to try to clean up weeds.  The corn crop ranges from VT (Tassel) to R2 (Blister) stage of development.  Southern rust…
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Asian Longhorn Tick Webinar

Dr. Nancy Hinkle, UGA Entomologist, has provided information about a webinar educating people about the Asian Longhorn tick. This insect was discovered in Georgia last month for the first time. This webinar will go over the biology of this pest as well as its current status in Georgia. This event…
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Managing Stink Bugs and Weevil

Aug 19, 2021 | Written by Lenny Wells Now that Pawnees have shell hardened and we approach shell hardening on most other varieties in the next week, it is time to start thinking seriously about managing stink bugs and weevils. Prior to shell hardening these pests simply knock nuts off the trees as…
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