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Dr. Patrick McCullough, UGA Forage Weed Specialist, has informed us that we have received supplemental labels for Prowl H2O (pendimethalin) that will expand uses for preemergence weed control in pastures and hayfields.

Some highlights from this update for growers in Georgia include:


  • Labeled species now include tall fescue, orchardgrass, bromegrass, and other cool-season forage grasses.
  • Prowl H2O no longer has a pre-harvest or pre-grazing interval restriction.
  • Split applications are now permitted between cuttings for bermudagrass and other labeled warm-season species that were initially treated in late winter.


Prowl H2O is now the only selective herbicide available for controlling crabgrass, annual foxtails, goosegrass, and other grassy weeds in tall fescue pastures and hayfields.  Growers need to apply Prowl H2O prior to weed seed germination to maximize efficacy for residual control.  Treatments before rainfall are recommended to improve soil incorporation and enhance herbicide activation.


These labeled uses of Prowl H2O will provide a new tool for weed control in many pasture species.  Growers will need to use Prowl H2O in programs that include sound cultural and mechanical weed control strategies.  Copies of the supplemental labels for cool season and warm season grasses are below.


Warm-season label

Cool-season label