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Jeremy Kichler

  • Crunch Time for Scab Wells

    For many growers, this post is stating the obvious, but it’s just a reminder to not to be caught off guard following our dry weather through June. We are currently in a highly critical period for scabprotection. The nuts are sizing very rapidly at the moment and within just a few days of spraying there […]

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  • Colquitt County Extension Ag Update 7/15/22

    Current Situation: Rain, rain, rain. Cotton crop ranges from first square to 3rd week of bloom. The majority of the area peanut crop ranges from 40-60 days old. Corn crop ranges from hard dough to 3/4 milk line. Mr Kichler, How much has it rained? It is amazing how the weather can go from one […]

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  • The July Cotton Team newsletter is now posted on the UGA Cotton Team Newsletter link on the left side of your screen, and can also be found at this link: https://www.ugacotton.com/newsletter/. This is timely information and I hope you all find it useful. Stay safe out there, and as always we are here to help. […]

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  • Nut Curculio –Lenny Wells

    You may notice some nut drop in your orchards at this time. This can occur for a number of reasons, inlcuding rainfall after a long hot,dry period and natural drop on certian varieties. One thing we are seeing at the moment is drop from nut curculio. The damage from nut curculio is very conspicuous. Nuts […]

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  • From the U.S. EPA: “Based on the revised draft risk assessments and feedback submitted during the public comment period, EPA is proposing the following new measures to mitigate the ecological, dietary, and aggregate cancer risks of concern:• Terminate all herbicide uses on food and feed crops to address dietary and aggregate risks ofconcern to the […]

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  • Colquitt County Extension Ag Update 7/9/22

    It has been an interesting week in Colquitt County.  The weather pattern seems to have changed and rain chances have increased.  Below are the rainfall totals for the past week in Colquitt County. The CoCoRaHS website illustrates rain fall totals from Colquitt County from the last seven days (7-3-22 to 7-9-22). Rainfall totals range from […]

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  • I have been getting alot of questions about goose grass control in cotton. Below are a few words from Stanley Culpepper on this subject. For years, we have been discussing how science suggests that goosegrass populations are likely to explode in cotton systems that are heavily dependent on Liberty or dicamba, especially when residual herbicides […]

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  • Southern Rust Found in Colquitt County…

    Southern rust has been found in Colquitt County today (6/16/22) in a field that is currently in the early R5 (dent) stage of development. Currently corn ranges from VT to R5 stage of development in Colquitt County. If you have questions about how to manage Southern Corn Rust in your area please contact your local […]

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  • Since we are in a hot, dry pattern in Colquitt County the concern about Lesser Cornstalk Borer has increased. LCB pressure has been low (6/16/22) this week producers need to be on the look for this pest. Below are a few words from Dr. Mark Abney on the LCB situation around the state. Jun 15, […]

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  • Colquitt County Extension Ag Update 6/13/22

    Current Situation:  The cotton crop ranges from just planted to second week of squaring.  Cotton growers are applying herbicides and fertilizer to crop.  Peanut growers are applying cracking sprays to try to clean up weeds.  The corn crop ranges from VT (Tassel) to R2 (Blister) stage of development.  Southern rust was found last week in […]

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