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Jeremy Kichler

  • Free tissue analysis for Georgia Citrus Growers

    Now is the best time to conduct tissue analysis of your citrus trees.  The UGA lab has grant funds to conduct nutrient analysis surveys from citrus trees in Georgia. This year, to get a higher level of participation, the lab is opening free tissue analysis sampling up to growers throughout Georgia. UGA will cover the […]

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  • Bob Kemerait, Plant Pathologist, UGAAugust is a month that is critically important for disease and nematode management for peanuts grown in Georgia. Heat, humidity, sporadic rainfall, days since planting, and growth of the peanut plants all put the crop at high risk for diseases, especially white mold and leaf spot. The heat, humidity, rainfall, and […]

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  • Maintaining a Clean Water Trough for Cattle

    Martin Wunderly, Raymond Fitzpatrick, Robyn Stewart, Shanna Reynolds, and Pedro Fontes – Good quality water is essential for adequate animal performance and cattle need between 8 to 20 gallons of water per day, depending on size, diet, status, and weather. As we get into the warmest months of the year, having an adequate water supply for our […]

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  • Colquitt County Ag Update 8/8/22

    It has been an interesting week in agriculture in Colquitt County. The illustration from NOAA shows the observed rainfall total for the past week. Growers have been starting to irrigate cotton and peanuts again. Corn harvest is starting and whitefly populations are building in area cotton fields. Cotton: Whitefly has been the topic of discussion […]

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  • Late Season Pecan Considerations

    Aug 2, 2022 | Written by Lenny Wells As we enter August shell hardening is upon us for Pawnee and other varieties are only a few days to weeks behind. This means that for Pawnee we are shifting from nut sizing to kernel filling. As a result there are two things to keep in mind: 1) You should […]

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  • Corn Harvest is Here….

    Corn producers are beginning to harvest their crop in Colquitt County, and so far I have been hearing some good yields (220 bu +). This corn crop has seen its fair share of difficulties due to a period of hot, dry weather followed by a very rainy weather pattern. We’re hoping for a safe and successful […]

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  • 2022 Georgia Corn Production Contest

    The Georgia Corn Production Contest (High Yield) is designed to recognize the State’s growers whoproduce high yields, and to gather valuable extension data regarding production practices necessary to obtain those yields.Any Georgia corn grower is eligible to enter the contest. A grower may make more than one entry, andare encouraged to make more than one […]

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  • Questions about pecans..

    Pecan fungicide and insecticide applications have been frustrating due to uncooperative weather patterns. Below are some questions I have been getting from pecan growers. What about this leaf scorch and anthranose I keep on hearing about? I have had a couple growers bring in a couple leaf samples for diagnosis and results from the diagnostics […]

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  • Diuron Herbicide Under EPA Review

    There has been alot of discussion about diuron in the news lately. Diuron is a very important component of cotton weed control programs for Georgia cotton growers. Dr. Stanley Culpepper expressed his concerns about this situation in a past blog post. Click below to view a letter of support (Dr. Stanley Culpepper has written a document that […]

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  • Colquitt County Extension Ag Update 7/23/22

    Cotton:  The cotton crop in Colquitt County ranges from first square to fourth week of bloom.  Target spot has been noticed in a couple of fields that have a history of this disease and rank growth. These fields are in the third to fourth week of bloom. Stinkbug pressure ranges from 10 to 25 percent and […]

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