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  • UGA Cotton Team Newsletter June 2024

    Articles in this month’s issue include: 1. Squaring Cotton and Plant Monitoring (Josh Lee, John Snider, Camp Hand) 2. June Cotton Irrigation Update (Phillip Edwards, David Hall, Daniel Lyon, JasonMallard, Wesley Porter) 3. Opportunity for Early-Season Disease Management (Bob Kemerait) 4. Knowing the Nutritional Status of your Cotton (Henry Sintim and Glen Harris) 5. Using…

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  • All About the Pod Podcast

    EPISODE 15, Season 2 In this episode, Dr. Scott Monfort talked peanuts with Dr. Glen Harris, Dr. Scott Tubbs, Dr. Mark Abney, and Dr. Wes Porter. The peanut team continued to talk about the ongoing planting season, deer damage and insects. You can listen to this episode here.

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  • Colquitt County Row Crop Update June 10, 2024

    Last week was another exciting week in Colquitt County agriculture. Drier conditions have set in but there is a possibility for rain next week. The cotton crop ranges from just planted to 8 leaf. The local corn crop ranges from v10 to blister stage. The peanut crop ranges from just planted to around 50 days…

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  • Colquitt County Row Crop Update June 3, 2024

    Current Situation:  The weather was drier this past week.  The cotton crop ranges from squaring to just planted.  Post emerge herbicide applications are being applied in some cotton fields.  The peanut crop ranges from just planted to blooming.  The corn crop ranges from V10-pollination.    As May is in the books, let’s look at the…

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  • Colquitt County Crop Situation 5/20/24

    Be sure to check out the latest UGA Peanut and Cotton Team Podcast Episodes below: Below is a link to the fifth episode of the Talkin’ Cotton Podcast, which is largely a discussion on our current situation revolving around wetter weather. Thoughts on insect and weed management, being good stewards of agrochemicals and technology, planter…

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  • Southeast Georgia Pecan Press — May 2024

    Topics included in the Southeast Georgia Pecan Press newsletter include: I have received a question or two about drift on pecan trees. The “Herbicide Injury of Pecan” publication has good information on this subject. In this blog post, Dr. Wells explains what is most likely to happen in these situations along with his and Dr.…

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  • UGA Cotton Team Newsletter-May 2024

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  • Colquitt County Crop Situation 5-12-24

    Current Situation: Rainfall amounts this past week have ranged from 2–3 inches. The forecast for this week calls for more rain, which will make cotton and peanut planting a challenge. The cotton crop ranges from just being planted to the four leaf stage. Thrip pressure has been low to moderate, depending on what insecticide was…

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  • Managing Thrips In Peanuts

    The following is from Dr. Mark Abney’s blog post from the UGA Peanut Entomology blog this past week. I have received numerous calls about managing thrips in peanuts. This is real timely information as peanut growers continue to plant the peanut crop. Peanut planting season is well underway in Georgia, and the insect issue of…

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  • Colquitt County Crop Situation 5-6-24

    Current Situation: Cotton and peanut planting is in high gear. Rainfall amounts over the weekend in Colquitt County ranged from 0.25 to over 2 inches. The illustration below shows rainfall estimates for the area. The corn crop ranges from 1 leaf to V8, and there have been numerous questions about yellow corn. Grasshoppers in strip…

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