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Georgia Grain News 1-21-22

By Rome Ethredge.. This week we are seeing grains growth slowdown due to cold temperatures. Oats, photo below, especially showing some effects of the cold as oats are more sensitive to cold temperatures, especially temperature swings. Time to Evaluate Tillering Next week, the last week in January, will be time…
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Corn Fertilizer Use

By Glen Harris, and Rome Ethredge Dr. Glen Harris, UGA Scientist, has done the research and developed these 2 interesting graphics concerning fertilizer rates in corn at different yield goals. UGA soil test recommendations are for 1.2 pounds of Nitrogen for each bushel of corn you plan to make. Note…
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2021 UGA On Farm Cotton Variety Trials.

The results from the 2021 UGA On Farm Cotton Variety Trial program are available. The Colquitt County site was located at the Sun Belt Ag Expo this past year. If you have any questions about this program, please contact your local county Extension agent. Below are results from another irrigated…
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