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  • Another exciting week in Colquitt County agriculture! The UGA Corn Short Course and Peanut Farm Show was held this past week. The Colquitt County Extension office is hosting two production meetings this coming week. Growers can also attend The Georgia Cotton Commission Annual Meeting and UGA Cotton Production Workshop and the Ag Forecast this week.…

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  • It has been another exciting week in Colquitt County agriculture. The Sunbelt Ag Expo and the cold weather were topics of discussion this week. Cotton defoliation and when to dig peanuts were common questions from growers. There was a little bit of frost in Colquitt County on October 19, 2022. It has been a few…

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  • This is a blog post from the Southern Ag Today by John Robinson, Professor and Extension Economist, from the Texas A and M Agrilife Extension. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has direct implications on the global supply of corn and wheat because of the relatively large quantities of those crops that those two countries…

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  • UGA Ag Econ (Dr. Adam N. Rabinowitz and Dr. Yangxuan Liu) will be holding joint producer meetings with Farm Service Agency (FSA) focused on the following topics:   Generic Base Conversion: The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 authorizes seed cotton as a covered commodity for the 2018 crop year.  Owners of a farm with generic…

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  • Below is a link to the Cotton Marketing News for 11-30-15. cmn11302015

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  • 2015 UGA Crop Comparisons

    The 2015 Crop Comparison Tool is now available for viewing courtesy of the UGA Ag Econ Department.  Nathan Smith and Amanda Smith do a great job with this information.  This spreadsheet shows returns over variable and fixed costs of row crop commodities in both irrigated and dryland production.  Below are two links to this tool. …

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  • A series of meetings to provide information and analysis to assist producers and landowners understand what’s required and make decisions. Meetings will be conducted by University of Georgia agricultural economists Nathan Smith and Don Shurley, the USDA Farm Service Agency, and the USDA Risk Management Agency. Questions and answers and discussion will be included. Topics to…

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  • Stax / Farm Bill Workshops

    Below is information on the a Farm Bill workshop being held in Tifton at the RDC on November 19th.  This educational meeting starts at 9am.  If you need any information about this meeting contact the Colquitt County Extension office.  

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  • 2014 Ag Forecast Seminars

    Agriculture touches our lives deeply—whether you’re a producer, an agribusiness, a policymaker or a consumer. From the local farm in Georgia to the globally stocked supermarket, food and fiber make our lives better. And with information on the upcoming growing season, the Ag Forecast Seminars can help make your life a little easier.

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  • Found this in the Tobacco Farmer Newsletter…. Your last buyout payment–scheduled for 2014–could be reduced by 7.2 percent as the federal government attempts for the first time to make those payments subject to sequestration (the “automatic” reductions in spending authority that were authorized by the Budget Control Act of 2011). “We believe the federal government…

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