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Peanut Update

There has been a lot of harvesting of peanuts in Worth County this week. With this, we have been checking a lot of peanut maturity samples. Even with the heat speeding up cotton maturity, peanuts appear to be on schedule as normal. There are some dryland fields and different situations…
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Scouting Caterpillars in Peanuts

We have checked a few peanut fields in recent weeks for caterpillars. Some fields have met the treatment threshold, while others have not. The following update and video from Dr. Mark Abney, UGA Peanut Entomologist, has valuable information for peanut growers even now, as harvest is very near for some…
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Updated Information on Silverleaf Whitefly

There is updated information on silverleaf whitefly (SLWF) for cotton growers. The latest information on SLWF can be found in the following publications from our UGA Cotton Team. Click to see Sampling and Managing Whiteflies in Georgia Cotton – this publication describes the SLWF biology, damage, sampling, risk management, and…
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