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Grains Update – 01/21/22

Following is some timely information from Rome Ethredge, retired County Agent/Interim Grains Agronomist. OATS “This week we are seeing grains growth slowdown due to cold temperatures. Oats, photo below, especially showing some effects of the cold as oats are more sensitive to cold temperatures, especially temperature swings.” We have gotten…
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Row Crop Disease Update

In the next few days, daytime temperatures will be very hot in our area. Hot and dry conditions in this early part of the growing season increase concerns of seedling stress and diseases. Some of which include: 1) Aspergillus crown rot in peanuts, and 2) early-season outbreaks of white mold…
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Weather Update – Tropical Depression Eta

Harvest has been progressing this week in Worth County, and many growers are busy in peanuts and cotton. Following are some thoughts that Dr. Pam Knox, Director of the UGA Weather Network shared today. “If you have been following the weather news, you know that Hurricane Eta made landfall on…
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