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Cadre (imazapic) Carryover and Oats

Listed below is some information obtained from Dr. Prostko (UGA Weed Scientist) on Cadre (imazapic) carryover and oats.  Cadre is used on a large percentage of peanut acres in Georgia. “The official labeled rotation restriction for oats after an application of Cadre is 18 months!” ” Field research conducted in…
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Fertilizing Wheat

Please see this information from Rome Ethredge, interim UGA Grain Agronomist, on fertilizing wheat. Pre-plant Nitrogen fertilizer will depend mostly on what was just harvested from the field this season.  Below are recommended N amounts: Cotton – 35 to 40 lbs/ac Corn or Fallow – 30 to 35  lbs/ac Soybeans – 15…
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Wheat Planting

Please read below from Rome Ethredge (UGA Interim Grain Agronomist) on wheat planting tips.  Wheat Planting Time The optimum window for wheat planting for grain in Georgia is typically within one week before or after the average first frost date for a given area. Planting during the appropriate time for…
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