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Many growers have been attending our crop production meetings in January and February. We have one more planned meeting on March 21 at 12:00 noon – Worth County Extension Row Crop Disease meeting.

Some hard copies of production guides are available now at the Worth County Extension office, but if you would like to access an electronic copy, following are some website links to do so:

Grain Production Guides (Corn, Soybean, Wheat) go to: https://grains.caes.uga.edu/

Peanut Production Guides and Peanut Rx, or the “All About the Pod” podcast go to: https://peanuts.caes.uga.edu/

Cotton Production Guides are in hard copy form, and you can pick them up at the Worth County Extension office.

Many other handouts are available regarding weed control in row crops and certain vegetable crops, planter setup checklist, etc. Feel free to stop by and get your copy today!

If we can be of assistance at Worth County Extension, just let us know.