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We have checked a few peanut fields in recent weeks for caterpillars. Some fields have met the treatment threshold, while others have not. The following update and video from Dr. Mark Abney, UGA Peanut Entomologist, has valuable information for peanut growers even now, as harvest is very near for some fields. To take a look at it, click the link below. If a grower has questions or needs a second set of eyes on a situation, let us know at UGA Worth County Extension.

by Dr. Mark Abney, UGA Peanut Entomologist on September 18, 2020

This short video demonstrates how to sample peanuts for foliage feeding caterpillars. Since velvetbean caterpillars and soybean loopers are currently present in Georgia, there is still time to use this information to help make management decisions.


If you have any questions about insect management in peanut, contact your local University of Georgia County Extension Agent.