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We have seen some issues in peanut and cotton growth due to wet soil conditions this season. Most peanut fields have very good growth except in wetter areas. Cotton on the other hand has had more issues and stresses. We have good looking cotton fields, and those that appear to be struggling. Rainy weather and wet soil conditions have delayed field activities over the last couple of months. Some recent breaks with sunny days have fields looking better. Much of the corn crop has reached maturity and harvest has begun.

Tropical Depression Fred is expected to climb back to a weak tropical storm soon. The current path brings it over western Georgia early next week. Because it is so disorganized, the biggest impacts are going to be rain. Several inches of rain in some places. This time the heaviest amounts will probably be in western and central Georgia, along and to the right of the path it takes. Below is the latest forecast from the National Weather Service.

In recent field visits, we have seen white mold (see photo below) in some peanut fields; some cotton fields have had target spot and/or areolate mildew. Continue to protect the peanut, cotton, and soybean crops against diseases.

White mold in peanuts

We are just beginning to see very few silverleaf whiteflies (SLWF) in cotton fields. Growers/scouts should be aware of whitefly adults and immatures in cotton fields – we have been fortunate this season that the population has been low to this point. The presence of SLWF should influence insecticide decisions for pests like stinkbugs (please contact us at the Extension Office with any questions). In cotton, also be scouting for corn earworms (CEW) and stink bugs or their damage. In peanuts and soybeans, scout for foliage feeding caterpillars and use thresholds for treatment decisions.

For more information on scouting for silverleaf whiteflies in cotton, see the following information sheet. If you have other questions, contact your Worth County Extension Office.

If we can be of assistance to you at Worth County Extension, please let us know.