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Worth County Extension has been hosting peanut maturity clinics at locations in the county and also at the Extension Office since late August. Quite a few fields are nearing maturity at this time and digging/inverting has begun in some fields. Many of the samples we have checked are showing normal maturity, but a few have showed an earlier than expected maturity. So far, we have seen fairly normal maturity in Georgia-06G samples, normal to earlier maturity in Georgia-12Y, and fairly normal maturity in Georgia-16HO. Dr. Scott Monfort has let us know that he is seeing some issues with peg strength with Georgia-16HO and Georgia-20vho, and we have noted weaker stems in a small number of fields. If a grower has either of these varieties, it would be best to take a look or keep a check on them to determine if he or she has a problem. We can look at them in the field or at the maturity clinics if you bring peanuts and vines. Please give us a call if you have any questions.

A good representative sample with the hull scrape method is the best way to get an idea of the crop progress and to determine ideal digging dates. Other factors in the field and weather conditions will also need to be considered when making harvest decisions. If a grower is interested in checking samples, he or she can contact the Worth County Extension Office for the schedule or to make an appointment.

Below is a picture of Georgia-12Y from this week.

Georgia-12Y maturity sample on the peanut profile board

I would like to share about peanut trials that we have in Worth County. Macie Wheeler, our UGA Graduate Assistant, has conducted 2 on-farm peanut trials with local cooperating farmers, Tim and Tommy Sumner, Dr. Scott Monfort, and myself. Some of her early-season results were shared at planting time in our Extension updates, and hopefully after harvest we will have more information to share with our peanut growers about the effects of in-furrow fertilizers in peanuts. UGA Extension does not recommend in-furrow fertilizer in peanuts.

Below are some pictures from the trials from planting until now.


Cotton has progressed a great deal lately. Cotton defoliation has begun in a few fields, with many that will be ready in the near future. Frequent rain events interrupted field activities earlier in the season, and wetter conditions have favored disease and boll rot as we near maturity. We are hopeful for good harvest conditions for our cotton producers. We would be glad to visit about crop maturity and defoliation in cotton.

If we can be of assistance to you at Worth County Extension, please let us know.

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