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UGA Grape Team Impact Survey

Please see below for an urgent message and link to an anonymous survey from Savithri Nambeesan concerning the impact of our Extension programs over the last few years relative Pierce’s disease and canopy management. Note that the turnaround time is pretty rapid (tomorrow), and we apologize for that, but it…
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Use of Lorsban

If you’ve been paying attention towards the EPA’s attitude towards Chlorpyrifos (Lorsban) the announcement that it is now banned is not too surprising. Chlorpyrifos is allowed to be used on crops up to February 28, 2022. After that, the tolerances for it expire. Effectively this means that Chlorpyrifos will not…
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Drosophila and sour rot management in GA grapes

With veraison upon us, it is time to start planning your spotted wing drosophila (SWD) management to help suppress sour rot in your vulnerable grapes. The SWD flies are active nearly year round in these parts, but near veraison as the brix levels in wine grapes reach approximately 15 degrees…
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Viticulture Industry Workshop

Please continue to register for our August 3rd workshop. Please see flyer for updated agenda details. Continue to sign up by calling 706-865-2832 or emailing
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The Japanese Beetles are Back in Town

The time is upon us once again. Japanese beetles are showing up in vineyards around the state. In large enough numbers, Japanese beetles can be a severe pest of grapes during the summer, feeding mainly on foliage and (thankfully) rarely on the berries. More problematic is Japanese beetles feeding on…
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