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Brief update on weather conditions for the next month

Is it ever going to stop raining? I’ve been getting this question a lot in the last couple of weeks, as farmers and everyone else get inundated by repeated rounds of thunderstorms that develop over the afternoon hours and grow in the late afternoon heat. I’ve gotten almost three inches…
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Frost (again) and its management

I have unfortunately received many recent calls about frost issues in vineyards. For the third time, I am going to post the extension pub that is currently in editorial phase before it will be officially published through UGA Extension.  That bulletin should cover what I’ll say here in brief. Vineyard…
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Additional source of forecast weather information

In the last blog post, Mark Hoffman described a place to get hourly weather forecasts for up to six days for a number of stations at airports around the Southeast. But if you don’t live near an airport, you might prefer to get information that is closer to your farm….
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Climate outlook for the 2018 growing season

In spite of what seemed like very cold temperatures over the winter, the April-like temperatures we experienced across the Southeast in February have left us well above normal in temperature for the year so far. February 2018 was the warmest February on record for Georgia and all of the Southeastern…
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Have we already seen the last frost of the year?

I’ve been asked by a number of people what are our chances for getting a frost in the next couple of weeks after this tremendously warm weather we’ve been experiencing. I think that for the southern 2/3 of Georgia, we may have already seen our last frost of the year,…
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