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Gramoxone (Paraquat) Injury to Young Vines

The school of hard knocks is tough, but lessons learned can be important and they tend to stick.  I encountered an issue in one of our just-planted, on-farm research blocks yesterday.  Vines were collapsing and dying, and symptomatic vines presented a combination of red leaves, and/or leaves with red to…
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Harvest update / GOOD LUCK

Well… I hate to say this out loud, but it hasn’t been raining as much recently. Let’s hold on to hope that these high pressure weather patterns that are predicted for next 10 days continue on for six weeks. Muscadines: Harvest has commenced for early-season, fresh market cultivars in south…
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Hey rain… leave!

“Rain, rain go away” sounds too fluffy and soft to me at this point… emotions are involved now.  RAIN AND FARMING GRAPES: Growers become rather animated when talking about the weather and how it is (currently negatively) affecting their crop. I completely share their sentiment. It is interesting to see…
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