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Grapevine Trunk Diseases Review

If you are really interested in learning about grapevine trunk diseases, this new journal article is for you (see link).  It is a highly scientific article which covers the state of the art relative this topic.  We mainly have issues with Botryosphaeria-type diseases, and I include Phomopsis in this category…
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The Vineyard Advisor App

You may already be aware of this app, but I just found out about it today.  The Vineyard Advisor App has been developed by Texas Tech, and it appears to largely be an IPM app.  I don’t think it is that helpful in identification, so you have to largely know…
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Crown Gall Symptoms

Crown gall can sometimes be confused with either leaf roll virus or Pierce’s disease. In general, if a plant is a completely brilliant red, this is likely caused by crown gall or some trunk injury.  Pierce’s disease and leaf roll viruses can also have reddened leaves or leaf margins, so…
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Pierce’s Disease Action Items

Pierce’s disease (PD) is showing up in numerous vineyards on quite a few grape varieties — V. vinifera and hybrids. Vines should be scouted in each vineyard for the three characteristic symptoms of PD: leaf scorch showing marginal chlorosis and necrosis, leafless petioles “match-sticks”, and “green islands” on the canes….
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Sour Rot Reported — Management Plan

Sour rot is showing up in some Georgia vineyards (see photo below), and this is really no surprise with our environment.  The classic vinegar smell in the vineyard helps to identify sour rot, as other rots are somewhat similar as they initially develop. We have issues with this disease complex…
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Powdery Mildew Management Questions — Answers from an International Workshop on Powdery Mildew

I recently had questions at a grower meeting about several aspects of powdery mildew management.  I am currently attending an international meeting on powdery mildew, so it is very helpful to have my opinions supported by true experts in the field of powdery mildew management.  Relative powdery mildew, the following…
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